Date: December 20, 2012

Author: April


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Need an inexpensive gift idea for a woman? Anyone who wears heels should have a pair of these!


Anyone that wears heels should always have a pair of these in their purse!   Do you ever leave the house in your cutest new high heels only to find that later your feet are in agony?   Or have to walk  farther than expected ending up with blisters?   Perhaps you’ve experienced a heel breaking?

These little fold-able flats are tiny yet comfortable and come in a cute little carry bag.   Perfect in a “pinch” I’ve changed into these in Vegas to walk from hotel to hotel and then put my cute shoes back on again.   They actually look good on, and I think basic black goes with anything.   I really love mine! They are durable, I’ve had the same pair for over a year now and I’ve danced all night in them.   They are cheap!!!   They cost about $10 and you can get them at Target, Walgreens, Amazon, and CVS.   Get a pair for your wife, your daughter, your mother, your friend and especially yourself.

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