Date: November 2, 2012

Author: April


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Back on track

So you probably think that with all the healthy recipes I post that I am probably in great shape.  Well I was.  The hot weather over the summer and the ease of wearing flowing sundresses has left me squeezing into my fall wardrobe.  My legs feel like sausages in my jeans  🙁     The real catalysts though, were my kids.   My two year old son keeps lifting up my shirt and either saying baby or booby (not sure as they sound the same with him)  and slapping my stomach, well if it looks like either of those I’m in trouble!   :/    Just the other day my dear sweet, four year old daughter asked me if I was still growing up, I asked is that because you think I look older, taller or bigger?   To which she answered honestly “bigger”.    Yeah it’s time to get moving, and my fabulous husband just posted a great new mix to workout to!!!!!  Get back on track with these great tracks 😉

Here’s the links it’s free to download and share away!!!

So today day 1 I…

Walked three miles and a round of Pilates, starting slow, finishing strong!!!

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