Date: May 8, 2012

Author: April

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My secret meat sauce 😉 This is how I make a regular jar of marinara better! Chop up 1/4 cup of onion and a 1/4 red pepper, dice 1/4 cup carrot and mince 1-2 cloves garlic. Add 2 tablespoons butter to a pan on med, throw in the veggies (add anything additional you like here) sauté till soft or 5ish minutes Push all that to the side and throw in a pound of grass fed ground beef. Brown the beef. (if you wish you can drain the fat, I choose to leave mine in, I think it adds to the flavor of the sauce) Add the jar of sauce. Simmer for 15 minutes Serve on your favorite pasta, polenta, gnocchi, or bread.


Author: April

Health starts from the inside out, your body is designed to heal itself. That is why quality, traditional, real food is so important to me. Listen to your gut, literally!

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