Date: April 16, 2012

Author: April

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I found the #perfect #restaurant in #LA !!

When my mother comes up to see the kids we like to go out to lunch or dinner.  Mom’s a vegetarian who’s gluten free & likes a cocktail now and then.   I try to keep gluten out of the kids and my diet, but we love organic foods & grass fed/organic meat.  AND if you know me I LOVE wine and I pair it with just about everything I eat!  So finding a restaurant that meets all those needs is really hard to do. 

I found it, the perfect restaurant, EVO KITCHEN on Sunset Blvd!  They are locally owned, another HUGE plus!  Sister and brother team, she’s a vegetarian he loves meat, both know organic is the way to go.  Super clean place, full bar, excellent beer and wine selection, killer menu including but not limited to vegetarian &gluten free.  All organic!!  Happy hour!!!  And for us lucky individuals who live really close they offer delivery, if not just order and pick it up yourself.

We all LOVED the pizza, and the salad.  The wine was fantastic, I tried a Malbec from Argentina, nice stemware btw, I have a pet peeve about tiny wine glasses.  I only wished I had the time to try the gluten free brownie a la mode.  Well, wait I also wish I had tried the mini BBQ burgers..SO I will have to go back, really soon!! 

Please go and try it out, and feel free to leave a photo reply of the fabulous food!!

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