Date: April 12, 2011

Author: April


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Make your own butter and buttermilk

Fun activity for kids or butter lover 🙂

To make butter it requires lots of shaking, but the end result is FANTASTIC.

Heavy whipping cream

1 Jar

1 strong arms ( you will probably have to help your kids)

the whole process takes about… 10-20 minutes, the majority of the time is shaking.

Pour cream into jar and shake! Every about 3 minutes check the jar by taking off the lid and looking inside, once you see about the consistency of whipped cream in the jar you are nearly done, keep shaking. When the butter and the buttermilk separate simply strain out the buttermilk (use for baking) and salt or flavor your fresh butter if desired 🙂


Author: April

Health starts from the inside out, your body is designed to heal itself. That is why quality, traditional, real food is so important to me. Listen to your gut, literally!

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